Te Wānanga


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Te Wānanga o Aotearoa is one of the largest tertiary education providers in New Zealand. Te Wānanga delivers class room based fee free programmes throughout New Zealand. Their programmes are offered at levels 1 – 6 and are recognised by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, the Crown entity responsible for the quality assurance of tertiary training providers.


Tau Ora is a holistic organisational wellness programme developed at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. The programme was launched in 2007 and has been hugely successful with more than 50% of staff engaging with the programme each year.

Tau Ora is based on the idea of team members supporting each other to overcome challenges and achieve their personal wellbeing goals. Staff members create teams of five members to compete against each other. Teams score points by exercising regularly and completing a range of challenges.

Te Punga Oranga Model, Tau Ora works from a holistic point of view and is based on a model known as Te Punga Oranga – also developed at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. The model recognises eight rau (or branches) that contribute to holistic wellbeing.

The Tau Ora journey includes a range of challenges based on each of the rau in Te Punga Oranga. Challenges encourage whānau to think about their wellbeing from a holistic perspective and sometimes require whānau to step outside of their comfort zone. This often leads to amazingly awakenings and inspiring results.


As the development partner of TWoA, Covalense has been involved in building solutions to automate TWoA process and make their practises easy.


Covalense proposed a DotNetNuke Framework to build this concept into a reality and propagate this program across different government and corporate sections.

The solution was defined to be built in phases, with a specific targeted users. Phase one was targeted to TWoA staff as users of the application. Later on it was to their providers, students and then extend this framework to on board organizations (corporate and government) and leverage this programme of wellness being spread across New Zealand.


  • Create and manage competitions within an organization
  • Create and manage teams within an organization
  • Invite members to join team
  • Participate in a completion by taking up challenges
  • Earn points for the team by completing challenges
  • Follow a team or a member of another team
  • Set targets to your team or yourself
  • Draw comparison between teams and members
  • Manage Portal content and make it informative
  • Integration with Social media
  • Share your performance within your friends and groups via Social Media
  • On board a new organization and configure competitions and challenges