SteriMed Solutions




SteriMed Solutions provides specialized waste transportation Service (SWTS) of medical waste service which also includes amalgam filtration installation as well as amalgam waste recycling services. This portal has a web and an android application to serve their client needs


  • Scan bar code on the disposal containers and create a unique identification for the customer and the container for that day and upload to the web server
  • Capture the signature of the customer and pickup driver as a record of evidence of completing the job
  • Should work in offline mode also in case there is no internet or connectivity, such that the work of the pickup driver is not tampered
  • Should accommodate the adhoc pickup request sent during the travel of the pickup driver on that day and show an optimized route map for the drive


  • Enabled the SteriMed business to track the status of each pickup and disposal
  • Using an Android phone device which is simple to use for the pickup driver as well as disposer can update their services to the server in line with their work
  • Offline synchronizing is also provided in case the pickup drivers is unable to connect to the server at any point of time, the system automatically synchronizes the data to the server the next time any pickup is done.
  • Automatic generation of OSHA certificate which is a mandate requirement for medical waste management for any clinics or medical industry