Energy Action

Energy Action

CMER App, Australia


The Energy Action mobile app is the first of its kind in the Australian market, and visualises daily electricity usage and rolling monthly usage comparisons so commercial and industrial energy users can easily track rising and falling usage and associated costs


  • Business users were unable to monitor the usage, cost and carbon emissions
  • Limited visibility of the data aggregation features and graphical presentation
  • Unable to extend the customer engagement with their existing system infrastructure posing customer retention issues
  • Existing legacy design was not scalable to meet the increased user base
  • Keeping pace with the global environment policies like carbon emissions
  • Customer costs savings by not having the notification and alerting in place


  • Quickly developed iOS and Android applications using hybrid framework and provided access of required critical data to all the 5000+ field agents
  • Energy Action mobile app monitors electricity usage, costs and carbon emissions
  • Developed notifications and alerts to warn the users when your usage is abnormally high
  • Tracks and visualises energy and cost savings across individual and multi-site operations, mobile app allows to view the aggregation of usage, spend and carbon emissions across entire portfolio, providing the customer with a holistic view
  • New tool helps businesses rapidly respond to energy usage changes to better manage current market volatility